Meet Our REmmy 2017 Young Leader

Our young leader at the REmmy’s in 2017 was Kandice Judson, Workplace Strategy & Occupancy services for Illumina. We spoke with Kandice to discuss her success with Illumina and share with us a little about herself.

Kandice Judson
Workplace Visionary, Illumina

Describe your role at Illumina.

I am a Workplace Strategist at Illumina. My role is to understand how our staff work, the type of work they are doing, and how they complete that work. I then take the gathered information and create spaces which enable our users to complete their best work possible. This includes determining the right blend of space types to accommodate a variety of work modes. This is typically followed by change readiness exercises to help employees understand their new landscape and provide them with ideas on how to utilize the space or the intent of each space. Additionally, I am responsible for overseeing our Occupancy Services program. This includes managing the workload and types of requests coming into our Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs) team as well as managing our vendor partners in this arena.

What inspired you to pursue your career in Workplace Strategy?

I’ve been working in Contract Furniture for quite a while and have always enjoyed being a part of the process to create inspiring places for people to work. The next step from where I started was naturally Workplace Strategy. There is so much more to just putting furniture in a space. There is a bit of science and process behind it. You must first determine how people work and what types of spaces support the way they work.  Then you have to incorporate that data into a cohesive design, concept, and strategy. I am driven to create beautiful, functional, inspiring work places for my colleagues so they find it easier to come up with that next big idea

What are the greatest challenges in your role?

Change Management is the greatest challenge.  Like most companies, Illumina continues to evolve and grow.  As our headcount continues to increase, we must look at new ways of working.  Many people have been at Illumina for the better part of a decade so changing the way we work can be a tough transformation to swallow.  Building a robust change management program and successfully deploying is my current greatest challenge.

What are some of the greatest successes you achieved while at Illumina?

My first real success at Illumina was a TI project we did for one of our buildings. It was a cold shell space (just concrete) and needed to be built out as office to include several collaborative areas and break room space. When you compare my original AutoCAD test fit with the final drawings, there is very little difference. Being able to walk into that space shortly after construction was complete, but before we moved employees in was an amazing feeling. I can walk in there and say, “I did this!” Another achievement that is really a collaborative effort with my team and vendor partners is the creation of Illumina’s Work Anywhere Program model. We’ve taken the time to truly understand how Illumina works, how we collaborate, and the type of interactions that take place. We then took that data to determine what Space Types, inspired by Herman Miller’s Living Office would best enable our employees to create their best work. In partnership with G|M Business Interiors and Herman Miller, we created a landscape of Space Types that support the way Illumina works today while allowing for growth and the ability to adapt as necessary into a Work Anywhere Program or more agile way of working as the company and technology change around us.

What is the value of your participation in CoreNet?

The biggest advantage for me is to be able to have a platform where I can share my knowledge regarding Workplace Strategy, but also have the opportunity to learn from others. I love being able to see how other companies design their spaces and support their employees with the environmental landscape around them. I’ve also had opportunities that perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise been afforded such as receiving the REmmy Award for Young Leader of the Year in 2017 or being invited to participate in a speaker series for USD Real Estate students. The experiences that CoreNet offers are invaluable to my overall growth as a professional in the Real Estate spectrum.

Congrats Kandice!