Meet our REmmy 2016 Innovative Project Over 50,000 SF

During the November REmmys event, the Headquarters was recognized as the Best Innovative Project Over 50,000 Square Feet. The team included:, M+M Creative Studio, lewis|schoeplein architects, Corporate Contractors, and Travers Cresa. We asked Chris Mitchell, CEO of M + M Creative to share more about the vision for the project.

How long have you been working with – How would you describe the relationship?

M+M: We’ve known the client since 2006 - when we were Design Principal (Chris) and Associate Principal (Sandra) at our previous firm - where we designed their original HQ in Santa Monica. In 2010 when we started M+M Creative Studio, Edmunds followed us and we’ve completed several projects for them - an expansion project in Santa Monica (2012), a new Regional Office in Detroit (2014) and most recently their new HQ (2016) 

What is important to a successful client/designer relationship today?

M+M: Listening and putting yourself in the client’s shoes each and every day - at the end of the day you’re spending their hard earned money - and the value we provide must be tangible at every step 

What drove the design concept/thinking for the new space?

M+M: The client wanted a solution that embodied their brand - as though one was walking into the physical embodiment of their web site - we built upon this idea - that of  “dipped in the paint bucket of the brand” - that brought us to the suspended and rotating Corvettes at the center reception of the space, the floor way-finding graphics, the racing stripes, etc. 

What is the most exciting trend/thinking in design for CRE as you look to the future?

M+M: There’s lots (and lots) of talk about office spaces these days  - too open or too closed - pros and cons on both sides of the fence - but we think the key is real variety - giving people real options to work in the way that is most comfortable for them - and to have a business plan (as Edmunds does) that reinforces and feeds into the design concept of the space itself - not only are they winning design awards - but most importantly business awards that give them clear numbers on how the new space contributes to their retention, growth and employee engagement - due in no small part to the space design.

Plans are already underway for the exciting and dynamic REmmys 2017. Start planning now for your submission!