Meet our REmmy 2016 Young Leader

Named Young Leader of the Year at the 2016 REmmys, Anya Ostra is a broker with Cushman & Wakefield focusing on tenant representation. With her partner Tom Taylor, they handle global accounts and work with local/regionally-based firms in California. We asked Anya to share more about what drives and inspires her.

What inspired you to pursue a career in commercial real estate?

I was lucky enough to be offered an internship while in my second year at Cal State Fullerton by my sorority sister’s dad.  He thought I might enjoy corporate real estate and immersed me into both property management and the brokerage side of the business at the local firm he was a part of.  From there I went on to another internship in industrial development at Oakmont Industrial Group with my first mentor, Tim Howard (now Founding Partner at Howard Industrial Partners).  I worked for Tim until I graduated (at the worst time ever) in 2009.  Since Development had dried up, Tim helped me get a job on an industrial brokerage team in the South Bay (LA)... and the rest is history...

How does the Cushman platform support your growth?

With our recent merger, Cushman is building a much more balanced and robust platform to help me serve my clients and grow both personally and professionally. We are now in every geography that we need to be in, and in a significant way. That’s impressive to current and prospective clients.  I now have the best resources in the industry from not only a technology perspective, but also the people who have recently been hired to help me and my team go out and win more business.

What about Cushman differentiates it from other brokerage firms?

At the “new” Cushman we’ve created a standard of doing business that ensures an integrated service solution that will be seamlessly delivered, aligning our clients’ real estate needs with their organizations’ financial objectives and operational goals. We pursue every opportunity to reduce occupancy costs, optimize the portfolio and mitigate risk, while positioning our clients’ portfolios for flexibility and continued growth. We also have the benefit of being able to leverage C&W’s brokerage professionals worldwide, helping turn their market intelligence into strategies that enhance the bottom line for our customers.

What is the value of your participation in CoreNet?

I can’t say enough amazing things about CoreNet. The access to mentors and corporate real estate executives, as well as the sense of community we have in our local chapter has meant the world to me.  I’m one class away from completing my Master of Corporate Real Estate (“MCR”) designation and the knowledge and relationships gained from going through the program are priceless – they’ll last throughout my entire career. I think no matter what side of the “corporate real estate table” you’re on, you won’t regret getting involved in CoreNet.

Plans are already underway for the exciting and dynamic REmmys 2017. Start planning now for your submission.