REmmy 2017 CRE of the Year

Meet our REmmy 2017 CRE of the Year, Ronda Green with Oracle. We were thrilled to catch up with her and get her thoughts on this amazing award.

Describe your role at Oracle.

I am a SR PM within Oracle’s Real Estate & Facilities group. Our team of 12 talented and amazing professionals manages the leasing, transaction and construction activities for projects across our North. American portfolio of over 9M RSF. At any given point, we actively manage more than 100 projects. Once the space is built-out, employees occupy the space and everything is functional per our standards, we then leave it in the incredibly capable hands of facilities to manage the site. 

How did you get involved/interested in the CRE industry?

I went to school for Commercial Interior Design and after working with an A&D firm for several years, I was drawn to the execution and management of a good design and construction project. I loved seeing the plans come together and working in the field to trouble-shoot all of those details. I was fortunate to have some great mentors to foster my learning and growth in the CA side of the business. Before I knew it, I was working on the end-user side, and after a move to Colorado about 10 years ago, I was blessed with my current opportunity at Oracle! 

What have been some of your more exciting projects or initiatives?

The most rewarding project to date was opening a new hub in Santa Monica. We called it the perfect storm of risk & reward: it had an extremely challenging (aka unrealistic) schedule, in a strict jurisdiction, with a lot of executive visibility. It was hard work over a relatively short period, but our team was resilient and it has been a tremendous boost for our whole organization. We had an amazing team that rolled up their sleeves, got creative and put all their best resources forward. The end result is an amazing project we are ALL very proud of.

What do you find as the tools to success in your role?

Well-developed skills and experience. Much like parenting, Project Management takes lots of patience, communication, really good planning, a good back-up plan. Did I mention communication? And I don’t just mean a lot of communication because I think people get complacent to correspondence that isn’t relevant to them or being copied on a note for the sake of filing. Do you know anyone that would sign up for more e-mails? Not me! It has to be the right communication, at the right time and in the right context. You have to find the right mix of correspondence for your specific project requirements and your specific team members.

What do you see as the greatest value to CoreNet membership?

Oracle RE&F is very supportive of CoreNet. It provides a great environment to continued professional development and networking with other CRE members. It’s always great to hear how other companies approach the same challenges that we face.

How does your real estate/space impact the success of Oracle’s business?

We are at a very exciting time in our business at Oracle: Not only do we have a great depth of service & product offering for our clients today, but our leadership is seeing the benefit of providing inspiring places to work. They have been more involved in selecting the locations and providing the insight for the vision of these spaces. And what could be better for a CRE than having the corporate goals align with the real estate? It’s very exciting to be a part of this growth!

Congrats Ronda!